Meet Nick & Lindsey!

Hey there! We’re Nick and Lindsey, but you probably already knew that because we don’t have a very original business name :). It’s important to book your vacations with someone you trust, and you can’t trust us if you don’t know us. Here’s a little taste of who you’ll be working with!

We started dating and got married during the pandemic, so we weren’t able to do a whole lot of traveling! But boy, did we make up for it. In our two years of marriage we’ve visited eight cities, a new country, cruised around the Caribbean, explored Universal Orlando a couple of times, and found ourselves at Walt Disney World on eight different occasions. Yes that’s right, we’ve been to Disney eight times in two years, so we aren’t being over confident when we say that we’re experts! When we aren’t traveling, we’re exploring our area, and when we aren’t exploring, we’re at a Carolina Hurricanes game. We’re big hockey fanatics and we’ve been known to stream a game while on vacation.

Nick had been to Walt Disney World many, many times before we got married. So many times that he won’t let me share the exact number on the internet! He really loves a good theme park and has spent time at Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and more. You might catch him checking ride wait times on his phone, scrolling Twitter for the latest park news, or looking for dining reservations in the middle of the day. He loves The Office and Duke basketball, and serving as the Production Lead at our church. Nick has been planning vacations unofficially since he was a kid and officially joined the travel industry in 2020.

Lindsey grew up doing basically everything else: flying and driving around the country to visit new cities. She’s seen the West and East coasts, and almost everything in between. From Disneyland to Mount Rushmore, the St. Louis arch, Smoky Mountain National Park, and Hilton Head Island – Lindsey is always looking for a new experience. She’s done a little bit of traveling through Europe, and would like to try out more all-inclusives in tropical locations. You can find Lindsey making a spreadsheet or adding to a list, she always seems to be organizing something! Outside of building the perfect vacation itinerary, her favorite hobby is cooking and baking new recipes.

Travel really is part of our everyday lives. We enjoy learning everything there is to know about the destinations we book with – just as much as we love experiencing it for ourselves! Getting value out of money spent is really important to both of us, and that is our main goal when booking for our clients. We want your experience to be catered toward what YOU find value in. Whether that’s convenience, a tight budget, or good food, every trip and suggestion is geared toward your preferences. We find joy in helping others make memories and escape from reality!

If you have a trip in mind, or want some recommendations on where to go next, please reach out to us! Whether it’s a solo trip or family reunion, we have ideas for everyone. Don’t wait – there is no better time to take the trip!

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