Foodie Friday – #NationalDonutDay

It wouldn’t be a post by me if I didn’t include my second favorite treat in all of a theme park: donuts. Yes friends, today is National Donut Day. Universal Orlando is home to quite a few phenomenal donuts. The video below features VooDoo Donut at Universal CityWalk where I must admit, every single donut I’ve had there is incredible. When you’re at a theme park, you obviously go towards the ice cream bars, or the drinks, or the savory snacks, but these donuts? You’re missing out.

VooDoo features a lot of different flavors, including vegan options. My favorite flavor is “O Captain, My Captain” which you guessed it, features Captain Crunch cereal on top. The old fashioned donuts there are also pretty unique in their own way.

If you’re having trouble deciding which flavor, they have a $139 coffin that they stuff full of different flavors for you to try. Check out the flavors I mentioned but don’t be afraid to try others as well! The Grape Ape is incredibly popular as well.

What’s your favorite donut flavor?

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